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"It is precisely by binding things together that traditional visions perpetuate themselves and the prejudgments contained within them; and it is by insisting on prising things apart that we have liberated ourselves from them." Ernest Gellner

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Meet new Resources Coordinator Jennifer Katzung!

Mark Knowles - Tuesday December 6th

ALTEC is happy to announce that Jennifer Katzung is our new Resources Coordinator. Jennifer brings with her an impressive set of experiences in similar positions, including as an academic advisor, a conference administrator, an admissions advisor, and she also comes with four years of experience at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) as an assistant to the chair, a doctoral program coordinator, and as an office manager. So welcome to Jen … (read review blog)


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Media Library Closures

Library is closed during campus breaks. Library will be closed August 1st-19th.


Faculty, staff, and foreign language students may borrow equipment such as laptops, digital cameras, and more! Visit the ALTEC Multimedia Library in HLMS 159 to learn more! (view all)
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