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"הֵחַיִּים והַמָווֶת בְּיָד הַלָשׁוֹן"

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New ALTEC Resource Coordinator

Mark Knowles - Thursday June 16th

ALTEC is pleased to announce that Naomi Wahls has joined ALTEC as our new Resource Coordinator. Naomi brings to ALTEC 10 years of experience in information technology including a midlevel management position and an entrepreneurial position in strategic media relations. Naomi has 3 years online higher education teaching experience and has also identified and secured a grant to develop the first Spanish 1010 online course at UC Denver, which she … (read review blog)


Elevate Summer Courses Image

Elevate Summer Courses


Our Graduate Certificate courses have space yet! We offer 3 online Graduate Courses for the summer. LGTC 5010 started this week and we have 2 courses starting July 1st, 2016 still have room: Digital Games and Language Learning and Teaching Languages Online. Register now!

Welcome StarTalk 2016! Image

Welcome StarTalk 2016!

Naomi Wahls - June 23rd-July1st

We're gearing up for StarTalk 2016 with our Chinese instructors! Over the next week and a half we will be talking about SLA, Flipped Learning, IPA, Learning Centered instruction, Digital Storytelling, Game-based learning, Telecollaboration, and more!Startalk is a federally-funded program designed to promote the learning and acquisition of languages critical for the nation%92s national security.

Eighth Annual SLA Workshop Image

Eighth Annual SLA Workshop

Mark Knowles - August 16th-18th - Hellems 145

This August, ALTEC will put on its eighth annual SLA Workshop. Feel in need a life-changing event? Put this on your calendar. You cannot win the lotto if you don't buy a ticket. From 1 to 3:00 each day. The Fall SLA Workshops are free and open to anyone with an interest in attending. We look forward to seeing you there!

Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytell Image

Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytell

Sabrina Janczak - Tuesday, August 16th, 2016 at 3:00 PM - Hellems 145

Come learn about Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS) from this year's Teacher of the Year: Sabrina Janczak.

Fall Elevate Courses Image

Fall Elevate Courses

Our Graduate Certificate Fall courses will be open for registration soon! We offer 3 online Graduate Courses for the Fall: LGTC 5045: Virtual Immersion Exchange, LGTC 5020: Language Technology Foundation, LGTC 5050: Practicum Register Opening soon!

Fall 2016 non-credit courses Image

Fall 2016 non-credit courses

Registration for the fall semester will open July 1st for our non-credit language classes! This Fall we will be offering various levels of Japanese, Russian, Polish, German, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, Swahili, Africa in French! Sign-up soon! Classes start August 22nd - Registration opens July 1st!

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Join our Mailing List

ALTEC uses a mailing list to spread information about its various events: workshops, guest speakers, grants, language classes, job opportunities, etc. Please join our mailing listif you want to stay in the loop.

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Much of the artwork displayed in Hellems 152 is original material from overseas and has been donated by individuals within and outside of ALTEC. Please contact the Resource Coordinator if you are interested in donating. (view all)
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