Pre-Recording Setup

Review Controls

Before you start making recordings for you foreign language class you should familarize yourself with Audacity® and check for some preference settings. To start Audacity go to the docking bar at the bottom of your Macintosh, or to the Program files under the Start menu on a PC. The icon for Audacity is similar to the Audacity logo show above.

Primary controls (left to right): Pause, Play, Stop, Skip to Beginning, Skip to End, Record. Volume control and Microphone Volume silders located below primary controls. Input/Output selection dropdown also located in the main toolbar.

With the program open you can check the controls at the top of the audacity window and familiarize yourself with them. These are the primary controls you will use to manage your listening and recording. The images in this guide are primarily taken from the Macintosh version of Audacity but they should be essentially the same on PCs or Linux.


Check the preferences before you start recording. Under Devices find the option to record with one channel (Mono). Under Recording find the checkbox for Overdubing, which will allow us to hear other tracks while recording a new one. Apply these options by selecting Ok. With these preferences set you can continue with the tutorial or just try out recording for yourself.