Basic Recording

Record Audio

To make a recording click the Record button (red circle) and begin speaking. When you are finished speaking, click the Stop button (yellow square). Each time you press Record a new track will appear in the window. As the number of tracks increases your most recent recording may appear far down the list of tracks.

If you have recorded multiple tracks and wish to listen to only one of them, you may do so by either selecting the Solo button on the track you want to hear, or by selecting the Mute button on the track(s) you don't want to hear. A track may be deleted by clicking the X button at the upper left corner of the track.

Exporting the Audio

Once you have recorded your audio you will want to save it for your teacher. We need to use the Export or Export Selection option under the File menu. Exporting allows us to create an mp3 file for your teacher, whereas saving will save an Audacity project which will be difficult for them to work with. Always save your files in the format your teacher requests.

When you select the Export option you will be asked to provide meta data for your audio file. The data is not useful for saving recorded audio exercises, so you can just skip it by selecting the Ok button. When you get to the dialog window asking you for a name you will need to select a format for the exported audio, which will most likely be mp3.

Closing Audacity

When you close Audacity it will ask you if you want to save your project. It will ask you this even if you have just exported your audio file. You do not need to save any project so you can say no. Before you completely close out audacity you may wish to check to see if you have successfully saved your mp3 file.