Recording Your Own Voice in Response to a Track

Recording the Response

In some cases, you may need to record your response to another sound track. First, you need to make certain that you selected Overdubbing in the Pre-Recording Setup. Next, you must import a file so that you will have something to respond to. Finally you are ready to record your track.

Recording can be done just as easily as you did earlier in the tutorial when no other track was playing. You will click Record to start recording, and Stop when you are done. Remember, you may need to scroll down or expand the window to see your track.

Saving Individual Tracks

If you do a simple Export from the File menu all of the audio will be merged together in one file. To save an individual track you can select just that track and go to the File menu to Export Selection. To select all of an individual track you can click in the control box to the left of the audio volume track. No mater how you export the audio you still have to skip the meta data and select a file time as described in the recording tutorial.

Individual track control boxes are located on the left side of the track waveform. The control box contains information about each track, mute and solo buttons, and volume and balance sliders.