Using Tracks

Mono and Stereo

You are likely already aware that when a sound track is stereo, the sound coming out of the left and the right speakers is different. Mono just means that the sound coming out of the both the speakers is the same. This distinction is important for us because mono sound will work just fine for conveying voice and saves space and download time compared to stereo recordings.

Combination image showing a single recording as a single stereo recording (left) and as two seperate mono tracks (right).

On the left you can see a single stereo track. On the right you can see two mono tracks. Notice that the differences in the track control areas. Each track has its own track control area. The stereo track has two waveforms but only one track control area. In order to split a stereo track go to the Track Drop Down Menu and select Split Stereo Track. A mono track for each of the waveforms will be created. In order to create a stereo track select two tracks and use the Track Drop Down Menu to Make Stereo Track. Each track will become its own waveform within a stereo track.


Shifting a track allows you to move a track to the right or left, and thus change when the audio will be heard. This can be helpful in syncronizing audio from different tracks or with a video. You might also use it to change the timing of responses in a conversational track.

Shift selections of audio by clicking and dragging to select the audio, then dragging the selection to the desired location.

The bottom track has been shifted to the right by half a second in the example. Now the responses will be heard slightly later when the tracks are heard together. In order to create this shift you need to choose the Time Shift Tool instead of the Selection Tool cursor. With the shifting tool selected you can move the tracks by dragging them to the left or right.


When working with muliple tracks you may at time want to merge two or more tracks together. This would most likely be in preparation for saving a single audio track. This merging can be done using the Tracks -> Mix and Render command. Select the tracks you want to merge and then use the menu option. If either of the tracks is listed as a stereo track or the left or right channel of a stereo track then a stereo track will be created. Two mono channels will combine into a single mono track as seen in the example.