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"Life is a foreign language; all men mispronounce it." Christopher Morley

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Six more days!

Mark Knowles - Wednesday August 12th

I was talking with Armando Pares in Continuing Education today, and he pointed out that Friday, August 14 is ostensibly the "LAST. DAY. OF. SUMMER." And we are happy about that, because next week is when we get to take the plunge into the deep end. The pool is just opening for us! So Aug. 18 - 20, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, come one, come all! It's ALTEC's Seventh Annual Second Language Acquisition Workshop. Each of those days from … (read full blog)


Fall Non-Credit Language Classes Image

Fall Non-Credit Language Classes

Courtney Malone - September 21st

Registration is now open for our non-credit language classes! This fall we will be offering various levels of Chinese, French, Hindi, Spanish and Swahili! Classes start September 21st so sign-up soon!

Film Policy Change for Undergraduat Image

Film Policy Change for Undergraduat

Courtney Malone - May 1st, 2015

Great news!! Undergraduate students can check out DVD films for up to 48 hours! Search on our Catalog at: and see if we have the language film you are looking for!

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Keep up to date with ALTEC!

Courtney Malone

Don't miss a thing! Take a few minutes to like us on Facebook to keep up with everything we do: non-credit language classes, reading groups, guest speaker talks, grant opportunities, upcoming conferences, and exciting developments in the field of language and technology. the link above or search for ALTEC on Facebook and Twitter!

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