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This online module can be used as a stand-alone workshop or as a part of the Language Technology certificate program offered by the Anderson Language Technology Center at the University of Colorado (Boulder). As such, it is worth one certificate credit and belongs to the Lamguage Technology Integration module (module 3).

Note to CU Boulder graduate students and faculty
: To obtain credit for this workshop, you must complete this entire learning module (including the practice activities) and submit the final project.

Before getting started, let's make sure you are all set:

  1. Is Audacity installed on your computer? Check under Start>Programs> Audacity (Or under Applications for Mac users). If Audacity is not installed on your PC, make sure to download and install both the Audacity program and the Lame Encoder program.
  2. Do you have headphones and a microphone plugged in your computer?
  3. If you can see and hear the animation below, then you are ready to go. If not, install the latest version of Flash player now.

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