Refresher Courses

Welcome to ALTEC's refresher courses!

The refresher courses are a unique ALTEC offering. The refreshers are non-credit online language courses (French, Spanish and German) that run for three weeks year round.

These teacher-led courses review the curriculum of the first two years while preparing students to take the third year university courses. Every week deals with a new cultural topic and provides students with opportunities to engage in a variety of speaking, writing, reading and listening activities.

While fully online, these courses are teacher-led and are NOT self-paced. There are assignments due every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and students should plan on spending about 9 hours working on the course every week. Students will need daily access to a computer with a high-speed internet connection, headphones, microphone and a webcam.

Check the About page on each course to view the course offering schedule.

Classes are capped at 12 students and tuition is $75 for CU students and $95 for non-CU students. Make your checks payable to the University of Colorado Boulder and send your payments to:

Attn: Resource Coordinator Courtney Malone:, 303-492-8224
Anderson Language & Technology Center
University of Colorado Boulder
Hellems Hall 156
239 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0239
Example Badge for Spanish Refresher Course

Students who complete a refresher course will receive a letter and a certificate of completion, as well as a digital badge. ALTEC uses the Purdue University badge awarding system (Open Passport) to manage its micro credential programs. We look forward to having you in our classes.