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Italian and Women’s Studies scholarships!


Valerio Ferme, outgoing AHUM Associate Dean, and husband Giorgio Corda, instructor of Italian, put their generosity where their hearts are to provide student scholarships for Italian and Women’s and Gender Studies.

Named the “Andermarch Cicogna Endowed Scholarship Fund, in alternating years, the scholarship will support high-achieving students in either the Italian or Women & Gender Studies departments.

Che bravi!

Continuing Ed, ALTEC Grant Announcement

ALTEC and Continuing Education today are announcing a grant program intended to develop enhancements to our language programs so majors and minors can more efficiently connect hard-won, (ACTFL intermediate-high through advanced) skills to a professional goal. This could be done with a course for academic credit, a non-academic credit workshop, a lecture series, or a CU Global Seminar. A less-than-exhaustive list of the purposes of these grant applications might include the following: offering a new course that may be cross-curricular (e.g., geography and language) offering a translation and/or interpretation course/workshop preparing students for professional exams or certification exams that are expressly developed to demonstrate specific skills (such professional translator exams, language exams needed to become a teacher, or language for medical purposes exams that lead to increased success in healthcare fields). This grant opportunity is open to all language departments, including Asian Literatures and Civilizations, French and Italian, Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures, Jewish Studies and Speech, Spanish and Portuguese, Language and Hearing.

The application should consist of the following sections:

A statement of the problem the course (or proposed intervention) is addressing and/or the goals the course seeks for students to attain.

A short narrative that explains the rationale and methods (i.e., a four to eight paragraph discussion of the pedagogical means and course content) to solve the problem discussed in point 1 or the rationale and methods that will promote students’ ability to reach the goals of the course.

A timeline for the work to be done to complete the project.

A budget that covers as thoroughly as possible the projects’ various sub-parts (including personnel) and their costs.

A way to assess whether the project will attain its goals.

An additional requirement would include an endorsement letter from the department chair (or chairs if this is a cross-curricular collaboration).

Applicants should also schedule a meeting with Mark Knowles to discuss the project in greater detail as early in the process as possible.

Meet new Resources Coordinator Jennifer Katzung!


ALTEC is happy to announce that Jennifer Katzung is our new Resources Coordinator. Jennifer brings with her an impressive set of experiences in similar positions, including as an academic advisor, a conference administrator, an admissions advisor, and she also comes with four years of experience at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) as an assistant to the chair, a doctoral program coordinator, and as an office manager.

So welcome to Jennifer Katzung, whose email is Jennifer.Katzung at