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ALTEC is part of a world of many languages and cultures. We want to enjoy that variety, and show it on our website. Using this page you can pick from a variety of different themes, and see our site from a new perspective.

Click on a link below to change the theme on our website, including colors, fonts and images.

Default and Standard Styles

  • Default This picks the default CSS currently active on our website. Normally this is the ALTEC Standard CSS, but it could also be a weekly special.
  • ALTEC Standard A theme we commonly use when not celebrating a particular week. Using this will remove any celebration theme.
  • ALTEC Speaker A theme for celebrating one of the speakers ALTEC brings in the Spring and the Fall.
  • Screenreader The Screenreader theme makes a variety of changes to make the site easier to read for some people using a screenreader.
  • Colorblindness/Large Font For people with colorblindness or who would prefer to see things in large fonts, we have created a special theme, which should make things easier to read.

Fun and Informative Styles

  • Day of the Dead A celebration of the Mexican Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) on November 1st.
  • Saint Lucia St. Lucia Day is December 13, and in Sweden, where light is scarce this time of year, the candlelight festival harkens to the midwinter celebration of Yule.
  • Chinese New Year The Chinese New Year is determined by the Chinese lunisolar calendar, and varies from year to year. The festival scares away the Nian a fearsome beast.
  • St. Jordi's Day, also known as St. George's Day, is the feast day for the Catalan nation. Because April 23 is also the anniversary of Shakespeare's and Cervantes' death in 1616, it is celebrated in Barcelona and throughout Catalonia trough the sale of books and roses.
  • World Cup 2014 The final match of the 2014 World Cup between Germany and Argentina is celebrated with this simple theme.
  • Robot Apocalypse We have a theme for the robots should they ever take over.
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