ALTEC Non-Credit Language Classes

The Anderson Language and Technology Center (ALTEC) is pleased to announce that registration is now open for the Summer 2016 language class program. All community members, including former Continuing Education students, can now register for these classes at a rate of $150 per course. University of Colorado faculty, staff, graduate students and retirees, as well as spouses are eligible to enroll at a substantially subsidized rate of $75.

Classes run for 8 weeks, and meet for 2 hours per week. The first day of classes start the week of June 13th and the classes end the week of July 15th. If there are an insufficient number of paid students by 5:00 pm on June 7th, the class may be cancelled. In case of a cancelled class, students will be notified by e-mail on June 10th and tuition will be refunded. In all other cases tuition is non-refundable.

ALTEC language classes are non-credit and for enrichment only. Credit courses are available through Continuing Education and the CU Language Departments. Students enrolled in a language class will have access to a large collection of foreign language materials at the ALTEC Multimedia Language Library. The Multimedia Library is located on the CU campus in Hellems 159.

Please mail your payment (cash, check, credit card or IN) to:

ALTEC Language Program
c/o FSC (Financial Services Center)
UCB 271
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309

For more information check out the FAQ.

Summer 2016 Classes