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Department: East Asian Languages & Civilizations at CU

News and Media

Selection of links to Chinese websites for television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and other media.



Travel and Study Abroad

Selection of links to Chinese airlines and train stations, main cities and study abroad programs.

Study Abroad


Links to websites selling Chinese products (music, books, etc...)

Books and Music

Language Associations

Links to Chinese language associations.

Local Connections

Links to Chinese stores, restaurants, museums, etc, located in the Denver-Boulder metropolitan area.

Chinese Schools (Denver/Boulder)


Character Trainer

Chinese Character Trainer

Android (free)

This app uses flashcards to teach Chinese characters that are based on the Jun Da Character frequency list of Modern Chinese.

Number Trainer

Chinese Number Trainer by trainchinese

iPhone, iPad (free)

Translate numbers to and from Chinese, test yourself with the quiz (watch out for that rocket) and present your contacts' details in Chinese.

Pinyin Pronunciation

Pinyin Pronunciation

BlackBerry ($0.99)

Pinyin Pronunciation is designed for beginners to easily follow the software to speak the pinyin of each Chinese character.

Pinyin Trainer

Pinyin Trainer by trainchinese

iPhone, iPad, Android (free)

Pinyin Trainer will help you practice the tonal nature of Mandarin using Pinyin, the standard Romanization system for Mandarin Chinese.

Pleco Chinese

Pleco Chinese Dictionary

iPhone, iPad (free), Android (free trail)

Pleco is the ultimate Chinese learning companion - an integrated Chinese dictionary / document reader / flashcard system with fullscreen handwriting input and live camera-based character recognition.

Radio Chinese

Radio Chinese

iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry (free)

Radio Chinese Plus+ brings you popular U.S. based Chinese radio stations and music channels featuring top Mandarin radio station KAZN-AM1300 in Los Angeles, top Cantonese radio station KMRB-AM1430 in Los Angeles, top Mandarin radio station WKDM-AM1380 in New York, top Cantonese radio station WZRC-AM1480 in New York, and other popular Chinese music channels.



iPad (free)

ZAKER iPad customized specifically for readers, to show the best reading experience for microblogging, news, blog, newspaper, magazines and other information.

Teaching Resources

Language Instruction
Traditional-Simplified Chinese Character Tutor

Traditional-Simplified Chinese Character Tutor

UC: Berkeley

The FanJian tutorial teaches the methodis through which Chinese characters are simplified. It provides presentations and practice activities.

Character Learning Website - University of Virginia

Character Learning

University of Virginia

This tutorial teaches the method by which Chinese characters are simplified. It provides presentations and practice activities.

Culture & Society
Language and Culture- Sinophilia


This extensive website provides a wealth of information and beautiful visuals on China. It can be used as a reference site, or assigned as readings. This website was NOT peer reviewed.

Readings in Chinese

Readings in Chinese

University of Southern California

University of Southern California: A collection of readings and short stories for all levels; including poems, myths and progessive readings.

Literature- Chinese Text Initiative

Chinese Text Initiative

University of Virginia

Reading/comprehension: This website is a project of the University of Virginia Library. Many links are not yet active, but a number of texts are accessible in Chinese and in English translation.

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