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Department: French and Italian Languages & Literatures

News and Media

Selection of links to French and Francophone websites for television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and other media.

Travel and Study Abroad

Selection of links to French and Francophone airlines and train stations, main cities and study abroad programs.



Study Abroad


Links to websites selling French and Francophone products (music, book, etc...)

Language Associations

Links to French and Francophone language associations.

Local Connections

Links to French and Francophone stores, restaurants, museums, etc, located in the Denver-Boulder metropolitan area.


My Words

MyWords - Learn French Vocabulary

iPhone, iPad ($5.99)

Rapidly build your vocabulary and perfect your pronunciation! MyWords is a completely new way to quickly learn and remember 10 vocabulary words a day.

Le Monde

Le Monde

iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry (free)

Follow French and international. Updated daily. Receive alerts in real time.

Radio France

Radio France

iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry (free)

Listen to France Inter, France Info, France Musique, France Culture, France Bleu, Le Mouv’ et Fip on your phone.


Verbuga French Verb Trainer

iPhone, iPad ($2.99), Android (free), BlackBerry ($2.99)

Verbuga French Verb Trainer is a popular way to learn French verb conjugations. Set up your own exercise with only those tenses and verbs that you like to practice. No connection required.

Teaching Resources

Language Instruction
polar fle website

Polar FLE

Murder mystery that students have to solve. There are tutorials followed by practice activities, a built-in scoring rubric and audio components. There are four levels of difficulty.

retrouvez le sourire

Retrouvez le Sourire

High tech simulation of a detective story. Students have to look for Mona Lisa's smile. It includes cultural information on the city of Paris.

le conjugueur

Le Conjugueur

Students can enter a verb form or an infinitive to see how it is conjugated in the various tenses. The software can be downloaded and used offline.

Culture & Society
chanson francophone

Les Africains de la Chanson Francophone

This website provides a beautiful window on African music from various parts of the continent. Students can listen to music samples while reading French texts about the life of the artists.

european union

L'union Européenne en Bref

L'Union Europeenne en Bref is a comprehensive reference website providing information on the European union, its institutions and history.

Jean de la Fontaine

Jean de la Fontaine

Reference website on Jean de la Fontaine. It provides a biography, digital versions of his work, as well as a number of audio files.

brouillon d'ecrivain

Brouillon d’Ecrivain

The website is sponsored by the BNF (Bibliothéque Nationale de France). It provides scanned versions of authentic manuscripts, pictures and video clips.

le genie du manguier

Le Génie du Manguier


Presentation of an interactive version of a francophone short story (Le Génie du Manguier). It comes with a set of activities and a lesson plan.

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