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Department: Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures

News and Media

Selection of links to German websites for television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and other media.

Travel and Study Abroad

Selection of links to German airlines and train stations, main cities and study abroad programs.


Links to websites selling German products (music, book, etc...)

Local Connections

Links to German stores, restaurants, museums, etc, located in the Denver-Boulder metropolitan area.


German 101 Vocab

German 101 - Vocabulary

iPhone, iPad ($7.99)

24/7 German Vocabulary is a freestanding vocabulary practice app with words divided into a variety of categories with native speaker audio for all words, a priority based optimization system, a puzzle game, a language recall quiz, flashcards and a multiple choice quiz. Recommended by Rebecca Allison (CU Boulder).

German Big Dict

German BigDict

iPhone, iPad ($8.99)

This is a freestanding (no Internet connection required) German explanatory dictionary with 170,000 keywords and phrases with the most frequent entry words translated into 200 languages and 10,000 audio pronunciations. Recommended by Rebecca Allison (CU Boulder).

Restaurant Kritik

Restaurant -

iPhone, iPad, Android (free)

Find, investigate, and rate the best German restaurants on the app of one of the biggest German restaurant rating websites.

Mercedes Benz

Service Mercedes Benz

iPhone, iPad (free)

This German app from Mercedes-Benz provides the user with auto-related support. Features include accident assistance in emergencies, that explains step by step what to do and as well as a first aid guide that provides assistance in emergencies in primary care. The user can also quickly and easily fill out a detailed damage report.

Der Spiegal Online

Spiegel Online

iPhone, iPad, Android (free)

Read Germany's leading news site on your handheld device in German; includes up-to-the-minute news covering topics such as politics, business and economics, culture, sports, and science.

THE Football App

THE Football App

iPhone, iPad, Android (free)

Experience the most comprehensive football application with easy access to all information a football enthusiast can wish for including live tickers, commentaries, league standings, last minute news, statistics, with THE Football App you will always know the latest and hottest in European and global football.

Teaching Resources

Language Instruction
Deutsch Lernen mit Jetz online

Deutsch Lernen mit Jetz online

This website provides a number of authentic texts for young Germans. The texts and video segments provide ample opportunities for in-class use.

Guide to German Pronunciation

Guide to German Pronunciation

German Pronunciation Guide with index that is organized by sound. The sound files illustrate the explanations provided and there are also practice activities. It can be assigned as homework or bookmarked for later.

German verb forms

German Verb Forms

Students can enter any German verb in the search box in order to find the way it is conjugated or to find its infinitive form. The site is in entirely German so you may want to show your students how it works.

German Cities

German Cities

This simple website provides excellent panorama pictures of German cities. It can provide good visuals for a class focused on German cities.

Literatur zum Horen

Literatur zum Horen

This website is a good source of information on a (growing) number of German authors. Students can listen to texts and practice their listening/comprehension skills. Some texts also provide transcripts of the audio files.

German Short Stories

German Short Stories

Virginia Commonwealth University

This site provides an excellent selection of German short stories from the late 18th to the early 19th century (German/English). It also offers a wide and varied selection of self-corrected quizzes on the various stories.

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