Language Links: Hebrew

Department: Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures

News and Media

Selection of links to Hebrew websites for television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and other media.

Newspapers & Magazines

Travel and Study Abroad

Selection of links to Hebrew airlines and train stations, main cities and study abroad programs.


Links to websites selling Hebrew products (music, book, etc...)

Language Associations

Links to Hebrew language associations.

Local Connections

Links to Hebrew stores, restaurants, museums, etc, located in the Denver-Boulder metropolitan area.


Aleph-Bet Hebrew Alphabet

iPhone, iPad (free)

Touch and the name of the letter of the alphabet and the application plays a voice recording of the Hebrew letter.

Calender Widget

Hebrew Calendar Widget

Android (free)

This is a Hebrew Calendar Widget with for Jewish holidays that also provides information in Hebrew and English about the holiday.

Israel News

Hebrew Isreal News

iPhone, iPad ($0.99)

This app allows the reader to access more than 25 Hebrew news sources including Ynet, NRG, Globes, Nana 10 and Haaretz and allows for offline browsing.

Pad Writer

Hebrew Pad Writer

iPhone, iPad ($0.99)

The application was built from the ground up for writing in Hebrew with a Hebrew keyboard that allows users to easily email the text.

Israel News

Isreal News

Android (free)

Israel News displays news in Hebrew from all popular Israeli news sites: ynet, calcalist, globes, walla, nrg, themarker, haaretz, one and sports.

Hebrew Vocabulary

Learn Hebrew Vocabulary

iPhone, iPad (Light version free)

This app provides the user with a word-of-the-day and comes with audio recordings of a native Hebrew speaker and a voice recorder so that you can record and play back your voice to compare your pronunciation with that of a native speaker. There is also a flashcard function to quiz yourself.

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