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Department: Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures

News and Media

Selection of links to Russian websites for television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and other media.

Travel and Study Abroad

Selection of links to Russian airlines and train stations, main cities and study abroad programs.

US Department of State recommendations:



Language Associations

Links to Russian language associations.

Local Connections

Links to Russian stores, restaurants, museums, etc, located in the Denver-Boulder metropolitan area.


Russian Alphabet

Russian Alphabet

iPhone, iPad (free)

This freestanding app teaches you the foundations of Russian allowing you to see each letter, hear the proper pronunciation for each letter phonetic, and see and hear a common Russian word which begins with that letter. The practice feature that allows you to finger-write on the screen and you can share your quiz scores on Facebook.

Learn Vocabulary

Learn Russian Vocabulary

iPhone, iPad (free, limited time)

See the words, hear a native pronounce them, record your own voice and compare it to the native speaker.

Russian News

Russian News

iPhone, iPad ($0.99)

A simple daily RSS Newsreader that provides with latest news from popular feeds on Headlines, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle and much more from prominent news sources.

Russian News Headlines

Russian News Headlines

Android (free)

Read the latest Russian News Headlines in Russian.

Russian TV

Russian TV

Android ($1.79)

Watch recorded Russian TV programs from the last three weeks from the Internet.

TV Guide

Russian TV Guide

iPhone, iPad (free)

This is a TV program and schedule app for TV channels from Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries that provides the week's TV programming and has an adjustable TV grid for channels that you are watching.

Saint Petersburg Metro 24

Saint Petersburg (Metro 24)

Android (free)

This app of the metro map of Saint Petersburg, Russia is in Russian and allows the user to navigate the metro system there. User needs to install the application "Metro 24", and then change the map in the "Metro 24" setting to Saint Petersburg.


Wizee Shopping

iPhone, iPad, Android (free)

Russian assistance in shopping malls in Moscow and Saint Petersburg with current information to help shoppers regarding sales & discounts, news & events, mall maps, cinema schedules, a store search and parking information.

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