Language at the University of Colorado

The University of Colorado teaches a wide variety of languages. Most of these are taught in our modern language departments or our Department of Classics. Some of the languages can be learned through alternate means including small special classes and individual study. Continuing Education also teaches some of these languages and you should check their offerings.

Class Web Page
This column provides a link to a departmental page for the language's courses, or a dedicated page for the language itself.
Resource Links
This column provides a list of links to various learning and teaching resources made by ALTEC for the major languages. We also have resources for all languages.
This column provides a link for an online placement exam, or more information on how you might obtain an exam. Students wishing to take the placement test who need academic accommodations, please contact Disability Services at You can also read the "Process and Language template for Inaccessible Language Placement Tests" for more information about language test accessibility.

If you are unable to enroll in an open section of the Foreign Language class indicated by your Language Placement Test score, be sure to inform your advisor during your individual appointment.

 LanguageDepartmentClass Web PageResource LinksExam
ASL iconAmerican Sign LanguageSpeech, Language & Hearing SciencesProgram Page Exam
Combination flag of Saudi Arabia and IraqArabicAsian Languages & CivilizationsProgram pageResource LinksExam
CatalanCatalanSpanish and Portuguese Languages & LiteraturesProgram Page Exam
China's FlagChineseAsian Languages & CivilizationsProgram pageResource LinksExam
Denmark's FlagDenmarkGermanic & Slavic Languages and LiteraturesProgram PageExam
USA's FlagESLInternational English CenterProgram PageResource Links 
Iran's FlagFarsiAsian Languages & CivilizationsProgram page Exam
France's FlagFrenchFrench and ItalianProgram PageResources LinksExam
Germany's FlagGermanGermanic and Slavic Languages & LiteraturesProgram PageResources LinksExam
ParthenonGreek (Ancient)ClassicsCourses Page Exam
Israel's FlagHebrewJewish StudiesProgram PageResource LinksExam
India's and Pakistan's FlagsHindi/UrduAsian Languages & CivilizationsProgram pageResource LinksExam
Italy's FlagItalianFrench and ItalianProgram PageResource LinksExam
Japan's FlagJapaneseAsian Languages & CivilizationsProgram pageResource LinksExam
South Korea's FlagKoreanAsian Languages & CivilizationsProgram pageResource LinksExam
Legion BannerLatin (Ancient)ClassicsCourses Page Exam
Brazil's FlagPortugueseSpanish and PortugueseProgram PageResource LinksExam
Russia's FlagRussianGermanic and Slavic Languages & LiteraturesProgram PageResource LinksExam
Spain's FlagSpanishSpanish and PortugueseProgram PageResource LinksExam
Sweden's FlagSwedishGermanic & Slavic Languages and LiteraturesProgram PageExam
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