Culture and Language Development Across the Curriculum

The Center for Asian Studies would like to host a CLAC (“Culture and Language Development Across the Curriculum”) development workshop for approximately 90 minutes with JY Zhou during her campus visit on Friday, September 29th in order to discuss the possibilities of developing the program at CU and to offer faculty members a forum to address their questions about the program to JY directly.

To offer a bit of background on the program, CLAC or “Culture and Language Development Across the Curriculum” is a program designed to enrich coursework by affording students the opportunity to study texts and materials in the language they are working in that they might not have the opportunity to normally due to unavoidable limitations in standard course curricula. The program provides students with opportunities for students to explore their Asian language interests outside of the language classroom and across a wide- ranging curriculum in humanities, social and environmental sciences, and professional fields such as engineering or business. CLAC effectively allows students to integrate their developing language skills into their study of content in their field of interest, allowing them to enrich their studies of both. As defined by the nationwide CLAC Consortium: “CLAC supports translingual and transcultural competence as a reality for all students, not simply for those who major in a foreign language or participate in immersive study abroad programs. CLAC engages languages and intercultural perspectives to achieve a better and more nuanced understanding of content. It focuses less on bringing disciplinary content or culture into the language classroom than on assimilating languages and cultures into instruction and research across a wide range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary contexts.”

This workshop will allow participants to meet JY and to pose any questions they may have about the program and its means of implementation directly to her. In order to determine what time would be best to host this workshop, we have created a scheduling poll which we would ask that you fill out so that we can determine what time that day is most amenable to everyone’s schedule. I have attached a link to the poll here: Please mark all the time periods during which you are available. In order to ensure that we have enough time to set up the workshop, we would ask that you respond to this poll at your earliest convenience. Additionally, if you are interested in meeting with JY Zhou one-on-one, please contact Danielle Rocheleau Salaz ( and she may be able to accommodate your request.

Thank you very much for your kind consideration of this matter, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know!

Best Wishes,

Patrick Chimenti
Graduate Research Assistant
Center for Asian Studies

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