Welcome! The Anderson Language & Technology Center (ALTEC) is a great resource for language faculty looking for resources to enrich their courses.

The HIVE, Meeting Spaces, and Classrooms

The Hive (Hub for Innovation and Vibrant Expression, Hellems 159) is home to hundreds of foreign language films, books, magazines, and textbooks in over twenty different languages from all over the globe, which are available for student and faculty use.

Students and faculty with their Buff OneCard can check out equipment, such as microphones, speakers, batteries, laptop adaptors, video cameras, photo cameras, and more. You can search the catalog to see what's available. The HIVE offers students and faculty a place for both individual work and meetings. Both Mac and PC desktops are available for use. Students and faculty may also reserve the Hellems 159 Cube for a private meeting space. This room may be reserved by contacting altec@colorado.edu.

The ALTEC PC and Mac Classrooms are both available for instructor use. If you would like to reserve a space for your class, please see the spaces page for more information and reservation links.

Recording and Media Development Studio

ALTEC's state of the art recording studio, located in the backroom of HLMS 152, is available for faculty to reserve and use. Please see the spaces page for more information and reservation links.

Instructional Materials 

Assign language exercises from your textbook on our language exercises page. In order to access the material, your students will need a username and password provided by you.

Modified Foreign Language Program (MFLP)

The MFLP offers foreign language courses with curricular modifications that are aimed at meeting the needs of students who struggle inordinately with learning a foreign language. For more information about the program and its mission, please visit the MFLP homepage.

Placement Exams 

Students studying a language who have prior knowledge or past coursework must take a language placement exam in order to be appropriately placed in course level. Placement exam information and resources can be found in the placement exam tab of our webpage.

Direct Independent Language Studies (DILS)

For students who may wish to study a language not currently offered in a traditional classroom, there may be an opportunity through the DILS program. Visit our DILS page for more information about the program and offered languages.

Purchasing and Streaming Requests

Language faculty can make purchase requests for instructional materials such as DVDs, software, and games. Faculty can also request media be streamed for viewing on their course's Canvas page.

To make a purchase or streaming request, submit the form on the purchase and streaming requests page.

ALTEC Non-Credit Language Classes

ALTEC is pleased to offer non-credit language classes. For more information, visit the non-credit language classes page. You may also contact The HIVE for further details: altec@colorado.edu or 303-492-6292.

SLA Research Resources and Invited Speakers

Our second language acquisition (SLA) book collection covers a wide variety of angles on teaching and learning, and we encourage input on titles which may have inspired you to use new and innovative teaching practices. If you have a suggestion for our library in The HIVE, please contact us at altec@colorado.edu.

Check out a series of events on Second Language Acquisition and Technology brought to you by ALTEC on our speakers page.

Foreign Language Technology Program

The ALTEC Foreign Language Technology Program is an official University of Colorado non-degree program offering training in the theories of technology integration in the foreign language classroom.

Colorado Proficiency Requirements for Teachers

CU Boulder candidates for secondary teaching licensure for Spanish, French, and Japanese must pass an oral proficiency test as one of the requirements for licensure. For information about required proficiency levels, test formats, and practice please go to the proficiency requirements for teachers page.