The Ethnologue catalogue of world languages, which is one of the best linguistic resources, currently lists 6909 living languages. Approximately 40 of those have at minimum more than 1 million speakers each.  Most universities cannot offer the top 40 languages, and indeed, the same is true for CU-Boulder.  As a way to compensate for this, ALTEC has teamed with many different departments such as Anthropology, Religious Studies, and Geography, as well as with traditional language departments, to develop non-credit language offerings, usually for graduate students whose research depends upon use of one of the languages not taught at CU-Boulder.  In the past we have offered Directed Independent Language Study (DILS) courses for Czech, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish, Tibetan, Turkish, Swahili, Swedish, and Yiddish.  We are currently working with the Center for Asian Studies to develop an Indonesian language course.

For more information about DILS, please contact Mark Knowles at or phone 303-492-2355.