poster advertising spring 2019 DILS (Danish, Indonesian, Swedish, Thai, Tibetan)Directed Independent Language Study (DILS) courses make possible the study of less commonly taught languages. The DILS model allows for smaller class sizes and more one-on-one attention from the instructor.

The Ethnologue catalogue of world languages, one of the most reliable linguistic resources, currently lists 7097 living languages. Approximately forty of these have at least one million speakers each.  Most universities are not able to offer all forty languages and the same is true for CU Boulder. To compensate for this, ALTEC has teamed with many departments around campus, such as Anthropology, the Center for Asian Studies, Geography, and Religious Studies, as well as traditional language departments, to develop non-credit language offerings. Often, these are created for graduate students who need to learn the lanaguge(s) for their research. In the past, ALTEC has offered DILS courses in Czech, Dutch, Hungarian, Indonesian, Polish, Tibetan, Turkish, Swahili, Swedish, Yiddish, and more.

Spring 2019 DILS Courses (for credit)

  • Danish (DANE 1020-001) MWF, 1-1:50pm, Hellems 196
  • Indonesian (INDO 1120-001) MWF, 1-1:50pm, Hellems 159 Cube
  • Swedish (SWED 1020-001 / SWED 2020-001) M-Th, 2-2:50pm, Hellems 145 / MWF, 1-1:50pm, Hellems 145

Spring 2019 DILS Classes (non-credit)*

  • Thai, M, 4-5:30pm, Hellems 159 Cube / F, 3-4pm, Hellems 159 Cube
  • Tibetan, M, 10am-12:30pm, Hellems 159 Cube. Beginning level meets at 10-11:10am and intermediate meets at 11:15am-12:25pm

*Free for students and non-students.

If you have questions about or would like to sign up for Swedish or Danish, please contact For other languages offered in spring 2019, please contact