The Anderson Language & Technology Center on the University of Colorado Boulder campus is home to language materials, classrooms with support, and instructional development facilities. We are located to the south of Norlin Quad, in the Hellems Arts & Sciences Building, west of the UMC. Our center, which is located on the first floor consists of a library, two classrooms, and three development rooms. You can use the maps above to find us, use the Campus Universal Design directions, or check for us on Google.

The Media Library

The ALTEC Multimedia Library, located in Hellems 159, is a language education resource center for the University of Colorado. This resource library contains a large collection of foreign language films, textbooks, magazines, CDs, books, news and other language learning materials from around the world. The library was designed with the language student in mind and because of this, we supply all of the latest technology that one might need to excell in one's target language. Our highly trained student staff is ready to assist you. In addition, the members of our student staff also study a wide range of languages. If you have an interest in practicing your oral and listening skills, please consult our employee page to see which of our students may be able to help you practice your target languge. 

Library Hours

Fall and Spring Schedule

Mon-Thur: 8:30am - 8:00pm
Fri: 8:30am - 4:00pm

Summer Schedule

Mon-Thur: 8:30am - 6:00pm
Fri: 8:30am - 4:00pm

Media Library Closures

Library is closed during campus breaks. Library will be closed August 1st-19th.

PC Classroom

The PC Classroom is used for watching films, teleconferencing, and computer-assisted language learning activities. It is located direcly across from the Norlin Quad entrance to Hellems. This smart classroom is set up for both individual and group activities and is equipped with laptops, touchscreen PCs and a projector. You can view the PC Classroom schedule online, and make reservations by contacting the Resource Coordinator (Rebecca Allison: rebecca.allison@colorado.edu303-492-8224). Please read our policies for more information about how you can use this classroom.

Mac Classroom

The Mac Classroom found in Hellems 145 is the Macintosh version of the PC classroom. The classroom also has laptops for students, large screen computers for group work and a projector for film or computer instruction. This room is generally open to students, but can be reserved for classes using the OIT's lab reservation system. It is always a good idea to verify for yourself that you can do everything you are intending to in the room. Reservations can only start being made four weeks before the semester starts, although earlier requests by language groups may be considered. Please read our policies for more information about reservations.

Semester Reservation Open Date
Summer 2017 May 8th
Fall 2017 August 29th
Spring 2018 January 16th

Development Rooms

There are three development rooms available at the back of room 152 which are used for a variety of activities. The recording studio provides an excellent environment for recording native speakers, or interviews. The development room has a PC and Mac setup with specialized software and a scanner for creating language materials. The tutoring room is often used for private instruction or a quiet area for office hours. All of these rooms come with easy access to ALTEC's technical staff and help. These rooms can be reserved by talking to the Resource Coordinator (Rebecca Allison: rebecca.allison@colorado.edu303-492-8224).