There are many different career options for a language learner. Certain jobs, such as translation and teaching, require foreign language proficiency and often an advanced degree, but the ability to speak another language can be a major advantage in a number of other fields as well. The information below is meant to help foreign language students learn more about their career options and find employment in their field. To get started, read about Global Careers on the Career Services website as well as view country guides for employment trends, writing a resume/CV, and interviewing advice on Going Global (must be on campus to access this link).

Undergraduate/Graduate Employment

Independent Translation Work

The links below are for those seeking part-time, independent translation work. These sites will match you directly with clients, without the need to spend time advertising.

  • VerbalizeIt: Boulder-based freelance interpretation and translation
  • ProZ: Freelance translation

On Campus Employment

The following are employment opportunities with the University of Colorado. Those seeking experience while still in school are advised to consider part-time employment as a means of honing their foreign language skills.

  • Student Employment: For undergraduates seeking employment either at CU or off-campus, narrow your search by looking in categories such as "Tutoring" and "Education"
  • Student Employment at ALTEC
  • Jobs at CU: For recent graduates, grad students, and seniors seeking employment at the University of Colorado after graduation. To narrow your search, use your target language (e.g. "Spanish") as a search keyword.

Local Employment Resources

Translation and Interpretation

Translation and Interpretation (T&I) are growing and exciting fields for those who are dedicated to the nuances of language. Translators and interpreters can work in-house for translation agencies, the government, non-profit organizations or larger international companies. Other translators and interpreters freelance from their home. Often a certification or an advanced degree is required for employment at a larger firm.


Domestic Government


International Organizations

Private Sector

There are many jobs available in private organizations, however, these positions are often one-time occurrences. To find a job with a private company, one is advised to search by job-type. Some examples are linked below:


Translators may find employment with a translation company such as Cyracom or with companies such as Amazon which may be in need of translation services.


Localization is the process of translating and adapting a product to suit the language and cultural needs of another country or region. There is growing demand for these services from software and game developers, and while some companies do require in-house translators, they are rare. However, there are a number of translation companies which specialize in localization, and could be approached directly (e.g., Straker Translations provides translation services for multiple corporations but hires their own translators since their customers do not need a full-time translator on staff).

Further Education


    If you are interested in a career as a language teacher, the path that you will need take is determined by your audience of instruction. To teach K-12, you will need a teaching certification from the state in which you live. University teaching positions require a Master's degree to teach general language classes, while a Doctorate is required to teach advanced literature classes. There are alternate paths that can help you to determine if you are indeed interested in pursuing an advanced degree (e.g. teaching abroad or working with organizations such as Teach for America).

    Employment Resources



    • CU Boulder Teach Abroad: Demand for native English speakers continues to rise throughout the world, and Americans can find jobs in any non-English speaking country, regardless of their undergraduate major.

    Further Education

    Alternative Careers

    Fields and Organizations


    • Operations & Information Management: Effective communicators, especially those who can approach international partners, are especially valuable. Visit the Leeds Career Connections page for more information about finding business internships and employment (also see Leeds Minor in Business, below).
    • Marketing: Major advertising agencies like Alloy and Aegis are responsible for multiple subsidiary companies and offices worldwide. Knowledge of a foreign language and culture can be extremely useful.
    • Broadcasting: International broadcasting organizations (e.g. Turner, News CorpDisney, etc.) are often in need of bilingual employees in both their domestic and international offices. Use your second language as a keyword when searching for open positions.
    • Technology: All major technology companies share an interest in reaching the widest market possible. Therefore, they consider multilingual employees an asset. Some examples:
    • Sports: Many international organizations need employees who are capable of speaking more than one language. Organizations like Sports Recruitment International exist to connect these individuals with employers.


    • Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières: Doctors Without Borders recruits medical and non-medical aid workers to provide assistance in nearly 60 countries to people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe, primarily due to armed conflict, epidemics, malnutrition, exclusion from health care, or natural disasters.
    • Engineers Without Borders: Supports community-driven development programs worldwide by collaborating with local partners to design and implement sustainable engineering projects.
    • Peace Corps: The type of work a volunteer does is ultimately determined by the needs of a host country and the potential of a volunteer to contribute to those needs and to the Peace Corps' mission.
    • United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization: The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is a specialized agency of the UN. It has a worldwide presence with 65 Field Offices and Institutes. Its headquarters are in Paris.

    Further Education


    • Leeds Minor in Business at CU Boulder: The Leeds School of Business offers a minor in business to non-business students seeking to complement their studies by developing a practical understanding of the business world.
    • Social Entrepreneurship at CU Boulder: SEEDS@CU (Social Entrepreneurship for Equitable Development and Sustainability) supports students and faculty members in research and special projects.
    • Thunderbird MS of Global Management: Designed for recent liberal-arts undergraduates or early-career professionals interested in embarking on a future in global management; blends global business instruction with in-depth training in international relations, cross-cultural communications and foreign language. Can also be pursued online through Arizona State University.

    Language-Specific Business Options

    • Spanish for the Professions : An interdisciplinary undergraduate degree for Spanish students at the University of Colorado which combines language studies with courses in international affairs and business.
    • Many CU language departments offer business-centered courses on a semester-by-semester basis.


      Resources and Networking

      Foreign Language Organizations

      • MLA: The Modern Language Association
      • CCFLT: Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers

      Translation and Interpretation Organizations

      • ATA: American Translators Association
      • CTA: The Colorado Translators Association
      • AIIC: International Association of Conference Interpreters

      Foreign Language Education and Technology

      • CALICO: The Computer-Assisted Language Instruction Consortium
      • IALLT: The International Association for Language Learning Technology
      • EUROCALL: The European Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning
      • SOCALLT: The South Central Association of Language Learning Technology

      Online Networking

      Recommended Reading

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