Teacher Resources

In addition to the resources available for students, ALTEC has a number of programs and systems in place designed specifically for foreign language teachers.


ALTEC Resources and Services

Hellems building

ALTEC Media Library and Equipment

The Multimedia Library is open in all foreign language faculty and students. We have an extensive collection of films, textbooks, CDs, software, and audio/video recording equipment. You can search the catalog to see what's available. If an item you wish to use in one of your classes is not currently owned by ALTEC, you may request the library purchase a copy by filling out a Course Material Purchase Request Form.


The ALTEC PC and Mac Classrooms are both available for teacher use, if you would like to reserve a space for your class please see the Facilities page for more information and reservation links.

Instructors may also reserve the tutoring room (Hellems 152B, in the back of the PC Classroom) for private instruction or for use as a quiet area for office hours. The room may be reserved by contacting the Resource Coordinator (Rebecca Allison: rebecca.allison@colorado.edu, 303-492-8224).

Media (Film or Audio) Streaming Requests

ALTEC offers free media digitizing and online media streaming to all foreign language teachers through Desire2Learn or Canvas. To stream a film for your class, fill out a Media Streaming Request Form and follow the instructions below. If you have any questions about this process, contact the Resource Coordinator (Rebecca Allison: rebecca.allison@colorado.edu, 303-492-8224).

  1. ALTEC will digitize the media and upload the final media to CU's online media management system: Kaltura. Please allow at least two weeks per item for this process to be completed.
  2. You will receive an email from ALTEC once the converted media has been uploaded to Kaltura.

All time frames stated above are based off of worst-case-scenarios. More often than not, your request will be processed much more quickly than is predicted here.

Student Reference Pages

Writing Methods

The ALTEC Writing Guides are designed to help teachers move the process of learning to write in a new language out of the classroom, and instead to online resources, thus saving valuable classroom time. ALTEC provides guides for several different writing methods ranging from simple copy-paste to full IME manipulation. If you would like to create a new page specifically for your language, please contact the IT Manager (Santé Jonker: sante.jonker@colorado.edu, 303-492-2356). We would be happy to create a new page specifically built to meet your needs.

Employment Resources

The Employment Resources Page has been built specifically for current and prospective foreign language students seeking information about finding employment in their field and using their second language.

Professional Development Opportunities

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The ALTEC Foreign Language Technology Program is an official University of Colorado non-degree program offering training in the theories of technology integration in the foreign language classroom.

Non-Credit Language Classes

Teachers looking to expand their own language skills may be interested in participating in one of ALTEC's Non-Credit Language Courses. Classes run for 8 weeks each semester, and CU faculty, staff, graduate students, retirees, and spouses are eligible for substantially subsidized tuition rates.

Course Redesign Grant

ALTEC offers one grant each year to teachers looking to redesign a foreign language course by integrating educational technologies. More information is available on the Course Redesign Grant page.

Second Language Acquisition Research Resources

Our book collection which covers a wide variety of angles on teaching and learning, and we encourage input on titles which may have inspired you to use new and innovative teaching practices. If you have a suggestion for our library, please contact us at altec@colorado.edu.

SLA Reading Group

Our Program Manager leads a reading group on second language acquisition for language faculty and instructors throughout the academic year. We meet monthly to discuss theories and recent trends in second language acquisition. For more information, please contact: Mark Knowles: mark.knowles@colorado.edu, 303-492-2355

Colorado Proficency Requirements for Teachers

CU-Boulder candidates for secondary teaching licensure for Spanish, French and Japanese must pass an oral proficiency test as one of the requirements for Licensure. For information about required proficiency levels, test formats, and practice please select the language you wish to teach.


Suggested Titles

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