Welcome to the virtual online discussion!

The online discussion will be between students at CU Boulder (CU) and students at O'zbeiston Davlat Jahon Tillari Universiteti in Uzbekistan taking English during the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters.


Students in Uzbekistan have limited access to education. This program provides a new course format of a MOOC + VIE to enable the students to have access to materials in a new format and see if this format is sustainable to provide more content. This will be the first project to have a MOOC + VIE.

This will be the first time these 2 groups of students interact with another course internationally. This will be the first course in the globe that uses a MOOC to provide course content and a VIE for social engagement of the students.

Instructors and Assistant for Project:

  • Professor Galina Siergiejczyk from CU
  • Instructor from O'zbeiston Davlat Jahon Tillari Universiteti in Uzbekistan
  • Naomi Wahls – Researcher


Students will be granted access to Coursera starting September 8th:

  • Week 1 (Sept 18-24) – Introductions + MOOC
  • Week 2 (Sept 25-Oct 1) – Articles & Video discussions + MOOC
  • Week 3 (Oct 2-8) – Articles and Video discussions + MOOC
  • Week 4 (Oct 9-15) – Reflection Paper & Articles Summary Paper + MOOC

Student Objectives:

  • I can discuss presentations skills
  • I can discuss women leadership topics
  • I can introduce myself to my international peers

Articles and Videos

Students will receive 3 short videos in in English by the middle of October for the discussion.



Prior Research

Naomi Wahls has started an initial research on intercultural competency through telecollaboration. This project will be a continuation of that prior research.


Feel free to email me at any time if you have any questions as a student or instructor. – naomi.wahls@colorado.edu