Example of Fractal Canopy with angle=PI/11 and reduction factor=0.75

10.23.2018 Digital Portfolio Workshop

Learn how to design a well-organized and professional web-based teaching portfolio. This session will help you start building a media-rich portfolio to market your teaching practices, set the foundation for your personal learning network (PLN), and present yourself as a 21st-century teacher. The session will include set-up work with a... Read more »
Father and child crossing a line taken from above

11.13-16.2018: German Art Exhibit

Since the summer of 2015, Germany has experienced a large influx of refugees mostly from war-torn countries such as Syria, Iraq, Eritrea, and Afghanistan. This inflow of refugees has dominated political and social debates and is posing the significant challenge of integrating hundreds of thousands of people from different cultures... Read more »
Children celebrating Lucia, from the Govt of Sweden website

12.12.2018 Lucia with the Nordic Club

Come celebrate Lucia, a December tradition popular in the Nordic countries! Traditional Lucia music ⃰Lucia 101 ⃰ Coffee, glögg, and Swedish holiday treats! Dec. 13 is the longest night of the year, and to stave off the darkness, Swedes in the late sixteenth century came up with a joyful solution... Read more »