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A series of events on Second Language Acquisition and Technology brought to you by ALTEC.


Why you cannot Teach a Language 10-2016

Why you cannot Teach a Language

Bill Van Patten 10/2016

Bill Van Patten discussed why foreign languages cannot be taught. He argued for a different view of language learning, and how teachers are essential to a student's effective learning.

Strategies for the Flipped Classroom 05-2016

Strategies for the Flipped Classroom

Daniel Trego and Luca Guipponi 05/2016

Dr. Daniel Trego and Dr. Luca Giupponi presented their methods for flipping the classroom, video production, and placing the flipped material online.

Commedia dell'arte 4-2016

Commedia dell'arte

Antonio Fava 5/2016

Antonio Fava gave a lecture on Comedia dell'Arte for the Italian Department. He discussed the history of this theatrical genera. And, brought life to a number of stock characters and the methods for playing them.


Paris Occupé 11-2015

Paris Occupé

Terri Nelson 11/2015

Dr. Terri Nelson of CA State University presents Paris Occupé. An instructor-created role-playing game where students take on fictional identities was used to learn about Nazi-occupied Paris.



Alaina Beaver 09/2015

In this workshop, Alaina Beaver, Universal Instructional Design Consultant at OIT, introduced the basic principles of Universal Design for instruction. She helped people understand CU's new compliance policy.


The Gamification of Learning Outcomes 04-2014

The Gamification of Learning Outcomes

Russell Moon & Nick Einterz 04/2014

Student motivation is an issue of concern for language instructors. By adding gamification methods to outcomes tracking in D2L, faculty can increase learner motivation by allowing students to track their own outcomes online. This presentation provides gamification methods that can be employed in language courses across multiple levels.

Lear Resume Workshop 04-2014

Language Major Resume Workshop

Darcy Lear 04/2014

In this workshop, you will design resume content, discuss how to back that up in cover letters and personal statements, and practice face-to-face communications such as networking and answers to commonly-asked interview questions.


Kronenberg Talk 10-2013

Tag You're It

Felix Kronenberg 10/2013

Research on L2 motivation is increasingly tied to current notions of identity (Ushioda and Dornyeï, 2009). In this presentation, Dr. Felix Kronenberg discusses the related concepts of language learner identities, motivation, and agency in computer gaming spaces.

Corda Interview 10-2013

Interview on Designing Online Class

Giorgio Corda 10/2013

Giorgio Corda, an Italian lecturer, co-designed and team taught an Italian class during the summer of 2013. He came to ALTEC, and discussed his experiences doing this. His codesigner Judith McDonald was also interviewed.

McDonald Interview 09-2013

Interview on Designing Online Class

Judith McDonald 09/2013

Judith McDonald, an Italian lecturer, co-designed and team taught an Italian class during the summer of 2013. She came to ALTEC, and discussed her experiences doing this. Her codesigner Giorgio Corda was also interviewed.

Mosele Interview 09-2013

Interview on Teaching Online

Patricia Mosele 09/2013

Patricia Mosele, a French lecturer, taught a hybrid and a fully online entry level course this summer. She reviewed theses experiences in an interview at ALTEC.

Dixon talk 04-2013

Online Language Instruction

Ed Dixon 04/2013

In 2010, Dr. Ed Dixon taught the first online language course at the University of Pennsylvania. In this talk, he addresses practical concerns for online language teaching including content creation, assessment, student interaction, and time management.


Jones Speech 10-2012

Open Educational Resources and Language Instruction

Christopher Jones 10/2012

Dr. Jones reviews the history and discusses the future prospects of Open Educational Resources, using as a case study the French Online course through the Open Learning Initiative at Carnegie Mellon University.

Mills Speech 4-2012

Multimodality, Media, & Access to Multiliteracies

Kathy Mills 4/2012

Dr. Mills draws on a case study of a multilingual language learner, Paweni, a Thai immigrant, describing how she and her peers negotiated cultural and linguistic difference within a long-term multimodal project that was ostensibly more equitable than an exclusively print-based approach.

Thorne Speech 4-2012

Education in Late Modernity

Steve Thorne 4/2012

Professor Thorne discusses whether it is feasible or desirable to include out-of-school L2 digital engagement in environments such as social media, fan fiction communities, and online gaming.

Mikhailova Interview 3-2012

Interview on Blogging

Tatiana Mikhailova 3/2012

Tatiana uses the students' blogs to publish their translations of Russian poetry and provide them with a record of their accomplishments.

Saegusa Interview 2-2012

Interview on Blogging

Kyoko Saegusa 2/2012

Kyoko describes how she's been using student blogs to allow first year Japanese students to reflect upon their language acquisition experience.

Becher Interview 1-2012

Interview on Blogging

Anne Becher 1/2012

Edwige Simon interviews Anne Becher concerning her use of student blogs to teach her fourth year Spanish writing course.

McCullar Interview 1-2012

Interview on Blogging

Maggie McCullar 1/2012

When she teaches her Spanish courses, Maggie McCullar uses Blogger as a course management system.

Navarre Interview 1-2012

Interview on Blogging

Amber Navarre 1/2012

Amber Navarre describes another case of using blogging as a course managment system. In this case she used Wordpress to teach her Chinese courses.


Withee Speech 10-2011

Interactive Whiteboards

Sarah Withee 10/2011

In this presentation, Sarah Withee demonstrates that, with properly designed activities, an interactive whiteboard can be a valuable tool for learning and practicing vocabulary, reading strategies, and conversation in the language classroom.


Coffey Interview 11-2010

Virtual Immersion

Colleen Coffey 11/2010

In her talk, Colleen discusses the benefits and challenges to developing a virtual immersion program as an integral part of language course curriculum department-wide.

Görtler Speech 2-2010

Blending foreign language instruction

Senta Görtler 4/2010

Spring 2010 Share Fair Keynote Talk: Michigan State University professor Senta Goertler's lecture explores methods through which language instructors can blend traditional classroom tactics with technology.

Sykes Speech 2-2010

Digital Games

Julie Sykes 2/2010

Julie Sykes of the University of New Mexico discusses the value of virtual spaces as environments in which language learners may acquire new experiences and perfect their existing skills.


Savingnon Speech 5-2009

The Quest for Communicative Competence

Sandra J. Savignon 5/2009

For ALTEC's first Second Language Aquisition workshop, Sandra Savignon presents communicative competence and ways to overcome obstacles to implementing CLT.

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