Blended foreign language instruction: Mixing it all up!


Blended and online instruction is often favored by high-level administrators as it is rumored to provide more access to students, use less space and cost less than face-to-face instruction (see for example, Sanders, 2005). As Blake (2001) has pointed out technology is not all the same, and neither is online instructional delivery. While one implementation of a blended course may work well, another might fail. In this presentation the continuum of technology-enhanced or technology-mediated learning will be outlined and reasons for blending will be discussed. Previous research results comparing the effectiveness of online/blended instruction over F2F instruction will lead to a discussion of a framework for blending the curriculum. The most significant portion of the presentation will be devoted to a walk through the blended instruction in Michigan State's German curriculum with a description of syllabus structures, tasks and tools implemented. The journey will be enhanced with sample student work and pictures of technology-enhanced learning in action.

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